The Pokemon Cards REAL value

Hello everyone!Today we are going to talk about a trend that has been around since the 80's.Pokemon trading!
You can buy cards in packs of ten or buy single cards from shops or eBay.You can find very rare cards that can be worth over 100 dollars!But,if you keep your rare pokemon cards instead of selling them,they will be worth a lot more in the future!A base set Charizard vMax is worth currently over 50.000 dollars and its value will keep rising even more!  So,if your mom or dad have some old cards,you may search up their value!
Packs of ten are currently around for 60 cents,but packs with more valuable cards can be up to six dollars. 

You can collecvt these cards or sell them to maybe get rich one day!

Lastly,you can trade your cards with friends to get new and more valuable cards!

Have fun collecting!

                                                                                                                                              By Dennis