My Hotel - Game Of The Week 🎮

Hello guys!This week,as always,we are back with another video game!

Are you in a long flight or a car drive and you have no internet,so you are bored?No more!Today we are going to talk about a game that requires no internet!

My Hotel is a tycoon game where you build your hotel to have lots of rooms,employees,and activities!Your goal is to make all the customers HAPPY!

You gain money from the reception,toilets,and all the atractions you've built and use it to expand your hotel even more!You can also upgrade your hotel rooms to get more money and player cards!

Player cards can be used to upgrade your character (the hotel owner) and also purchase various ways of gaining more money per hour!You can also unlock new skins for your character by progressing the hotel pass or by unlocking new hotels!

When you finish your hotel (you buy evreything you can possibly buy)you can move on to the next hotel!Also you can rebirth the hotels you have finished to gain more money when you restart the hotel!

Lastly,you can complete your daily quests and,if you finish all of them in one day,you will get a reward of gems that you can use to buy coins in the shop or speed up unlocks!

                                                                                                                                            By Dennis