1. POWERLESS by Lauren Roberts

Powerless by Lauren Roberts is the first book of the ''Powerless'' trilogy. In a kingdom where the Elites rule, common people with no powers, called ordinaries, are banished or slaughtered. It is said that ordinaries have a disease that weakens the Elites, so that makes living together an impossible  option. But Paedyn Gray, an ordinary, is secretly living among them, under the cover that her father, an ex-elite, had build for her. Allthough her father was murdered years ago by the king of Ilya, Paedyn is currently living in the streets, stealing and deaceiving others to survive. She pretends to be a physic, an ability with which she can see through  people's emotions and a bit of their past. For years now, she has stayed undercover but something threatening happens that will propably risk the revelation of her identity. Somehow, her name has gotten on the list of the chosen ones for the every year upcoming trials where the participants will face three trials. They will have to fight for their lives and survive under difficult circumstances. But this year's trials are different. The king's future enforcer, Kai, and the prince of Ilya is participating in them, so the dificulty level has increased for him to prove worthy of his future role. Having no other choice Paedyn Gray is forced to participate. But she is just an ordinary and has to compete with the Elites who pose great powers and are willing to kill, if needed, so they could have a chance of winning and so establishing their values: ''honor their kingdom, honor their family and honor to themselves''. Will she survive the trials or die?