Guns Up ! - Game Of The Week 🎮

Hello Everyone ! Welcome to another post of mine , and another Video Game !

Today we are going to be talking for Guns Up ! A game available for mobile AND PC, 

making it available to all users. 


Guns Up is a strategy game , on the tower-defence category. You unlock new soldiers with unique abilities from leveling up or completing quests.

Basically what you do is place new buildings on your camp, to help defend your main base! You place soldiers to defeat enemy soldiers and also to destroy the opponents main base.

You upgrade your soldiers and buildings using coins , which you get from completing quests, and also from daily rewards. To upgrade your soldiers , you also need player cards , which you buy from the shop or get from loot boxes. The rarer the soldiers is , the rarer it is to get his cards from boxes , and the more expensive to buy from the shop.

 You can play a lot of modes in this game , which you unlock the higher level you are.

Some of them are Defence, where you defend your base against zombies,PvP, where you defend your base against another player , and many more.

 Also, you can join Clans, to get valuable rewards and form great alliances !

And lastly, if you think you are better than your friend in the game, you can challenge him into a 1v1 !

 Thats all for this weeks game. Happy Gaming! See you next week !

                                                                                                        By D3nnis  


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