Robocraft - Game Of The Week 🎮


Hello gamers ! Let's find a new game for us to play ! Hmm…. How about Robocraft?

Robocraft is a game where you build your own robots with all the parts you collect, color it and go to battle ! 


This game is simple to learn. After completing the tutorial, you can easily learn the basics of the game and easily win your first matches. There are a lot of modes in this game , from Campaign Path  to Area Control and FFA (free for all) . In Campaign you are solo, as in FFA of course, but most other game modes are played in teams of 5. 


You can play with random people from around the world , and also invite your friends to be in your team. 


 Now, if you prefer to play games on your phone or tablet (mobile); sadly, this game is not available in mobile, only in PC and Steam. But, it is  one of the few games that can also be downloaded on Linux and Mac ! So, whatever laptop or PC you have, you can download it.


Thats all for this week. Visit our newspaper again next week for more!

 Have a nice gameplay !

Dennis Arvanitakis


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