Top 5 Best Sites For Online Games!

 Hello everyone!In today's article,we are going to show you the top 5 sites to play online games on!

Number 5: Friv

Friv is an online game platform that allows you to play a big variety of games on your browser!There are multiple categories of games,from 2 player ones,racing ones,platformers,cooking and a whole lot more!

Number 4: NealFun

NealFun is a site that allows you to play multiple famous games,such as The Password Game,Spend Jeff Bezos Money,Draw the perfect circle and a lot more!

Number 3:CoolMathGames

This site has a big variety of platformer games,but also has a bunch of other fun games as weell!There are puzzle solving ones,multiplayer ones,and other random stuff!

Number 2: Poki

This site has a big variety of first person shooter games,if you are a fan,but there are also some platformers,online and two player games too!


Scratch is for programming,but you can play games that other people have made online for completely free1There is a huge variety and you can also play copies of famous games online!You can play platformers,racing games,battle games,aiming games,and a whole lot more!

Thats all for this week's post.Happy gaming to everyone!

                                                                                                                                         By Dennis